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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

There's a lot to fall for in Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. Possibly the hottest looker of a PocketPC is also heavy on skill. Heavy enough to not just scratch out a living as a one-hit-wonder but aim for the WinMo top.

The extra solid metal looks, gorgeous screen and the right pinch of novelty called XPERIA panels look to us as good enough reasons for the X1 to be hyped and romanticized. By the way, romance or not, Sony Ericsson and HTC have hit their perfect shape with that one.

The XPERIA X1 is surely the most eagerly anticipated device in the world of Windows Mobile. Getting our review out was surely quite a wait too, we know. Better late than ever, as some folks say. We'll still have our say 'cause for the XPERIA it's a load of high expectations to live up to.

Nokia E63

Nokia E63 is the next QWERTY messenger by Nokia, set on the glorious path of the E71. Only this time it slips off the high heels to walk it in plain straight and simple boots instead. And the matching price tag leaves little doubt of what this Working Joe here is all about.

No fancy spoils, the Nokia E63 means business and brings connectivity and messaging together in a sharp and reliable package. Certainly a no-thrills mobile, the E63 does its jobs with no fuss and at a fair wage. Well, who would frown at that?

Now, comparisons to E71 are clearly inevitable and maybe we know better than expect Nokia E63 to impress us as much. But who says it can't persuade through common sense.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic

It's touchscreen o'clock for Nokia and the stage is set for the 5800 XpressMusic. Go ahead and touch it. We did and we've got a story to tell.

Now, it's technically not the first time Nokia get their hands dirty with touch screens, but it sure feels they really mean business this time. For Nokia 5800 is not the only story here. The smart platform with the most influential touch receives its first trial by touch. Being the first device running Series 60 5th alone is enough for the 5800 to be remembered by.

It's a first try and proceeding with caution is only fair. Nokia 5800 is unthreateningly and unobtrusively positioned in the mid-range and the XpressMusic branding helps share some of that first-S60-touchscreen weight. Still, it's way more than an affordable music-centered handset. The 5800 has a strong and unmistakable Nokia identity and delivers multimedia prowess. So, let's touch, shall we?

LG KF900 Prada

For the original LG Prada the best way to travel in style was to travel light. But this time around it's carrying a full QWERTY suitcase packed with goodies. Top of the line functionality and an updated interface sound just the right kind of luggage to us. But good enough won't do if it's not glam enough. The new LG KF900 Prada may seem like the missing link between the techie high end and exclusive fashionware. But will HSDPA, Wi-Fi, QWERTY and DivX ring the right bell with the target audience?

Last week we saw Samsung ride on the Emporio Armani youth appeal and now we're back by the catwalk with the more moderate, perhaps even conservative, but nonetheless attractive, new Prada phone by LG.

Sony Ericsson W902

A phone like no other or a quick-fix Cyber-shot Walkman mongrel trying to pass off as a hip novelty - you can call the Sony Ericsson W902 whatever you like, but it will still be the best cameraphone among music phones. The 5 megapixel auto focus camera opens a new chapter in the Walkman book, while everything else about the W902 walks and talks multimedia. Based on the excellent Sony Ericsson feature phone interface, you get all sorts of treats like the top-of-the-line Media Center with screen auto rotation, Shake control and SensMe.

There may be hardly anything else to wish for in a feature phone, though GPS and Wi-Fi in the latest Walkmans might make the W902 stumble a bit. But it still has a special place booked in the hearts of brand loyal fans who are no longer forced to choose between imaging and music, Walkman and Cyber-shot.

lg ks360

LG KS360 is a mid-ranger that will easily catch your eye with bold colors and quirky controls. LG have managed to create a handset that's cunningly full of character, though it's kinda hard to think of it in the hands of a grown-up. It does seem like a toy at first glance and those color combos are to die for if you are of certain age and attitude.

Yet quite unexpectedly, LG KS360 is quick to serve a bunch of nice features such as a large and vivid 2.4-inch display, full QWERTY keyboard, a 2 megapixel snapper and… believe it or not… a wee tot of touchscreen.

This midrange phone isn't exactly hard to keep your cool about and the flashy paintjobs don't help much either. But we were pleasantly surprised by the ergonomics and performance of the KS360. So while we gear up to put the LG KS360 through its paces, you better get yourself ready to be surprised too.

The LG KS360 will be available in several color combinations, some of which will be exclusive to various carriers - the full list of color options includes Black and red, Black and silver, White and soft pink, and Titanium and bright blue.

LG KC910 Renoir

The LG KC910 has a moniker that sends out a bold and clear statement about talent. Packing a whopping 8 megapixel camera and top-of-the-line video recording, the LG KC910 Renoir is all about capturing the moment, leaving an impression. While this alone should be enough to assert an identity, the Renoir just won't stop there. With the full touch user interface and the portly 3" display, everything is a mere touch away. Wi-Fi, HSDPA and GPS are all aboard to add the last bits of oomph to the feature-loaded LG Renoir.

The exciting facts and figures from the Renoir specs sheet however won't really give away its real-life performance and this is where we step in. We already had the camera performance of the LG Renoir to bits in our 8 megapixel cameraphone shootout but it's time to move up and look at the bigger picture.

It certainly took us quite some time to bring this review forward. Perhaps we even pushed it over the peak of your anticipation, but we didn't mean to get you starved so you like the meal better.

Our better-late-than-never department - duly sent to the corner, by the way - has finally prepared a full-featured, action-packed and hopefully eye-opening review of one of the best imaging mobile phones this year - the LG KC910 Renoir.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Nokia Aeon

Nokia’s most sexiest concept mobile phone Ever to be seen by the eye, make NO mistake when we say that this particular phone should magically be turned from concept to reality (come on Nokia) make history and take the word concept which basically means never going to happen to reality which we will make happen then we here at Phones Review and the millions of mobile phone users will bow at your feet.

The designers, researchers and development team at Nokia have come into a world of their own when designing this amazing handset that will make you melt away, when we came across this phone on Nokia’s main website in the research & Development page we nearly fell off our seats because of the style, design and well bloody beauty of its concept.

Not only are the looks mind blowing but what about the touch screen that covers the full surface of the Nokia mobile phone (yes we did say the WHOLE surface). Tele Communication has got that one step better. Let me know what you think of the new Nokia Aeon Concept mobile phone?

Samsung F700

Samsung have announced a new addition to their Ultra range of mobile phones, with the Ultra Smart F700. The phone, which they're calling 'revolutionary' (doesn't every manufacturer?), will be showcased at next week's 3GSM World Congress, so we're sure to hear more about it, and get our mitts on it then.

The phone features a full touch screen user interface on its 2.78 inch colour display (440x240 pixel resolution), has a slide-out full QWERTY keypad, and VibeTonz technology that provides tactile feedback to the user.

They've utilised a 'drag and drop' interface allowing easier menu navigation, music play list control, and other functions. Is this sounding like the iPhone to you? Touch screens certainly seem to be the 'in thing' right now; I wonder how many more manufacturers will beat Apple to it...

Anyway, back to the Samsung. The Ultra Smart F700 features HSDPA giving a maximum data transfer speed of 7.2Mbps. This means a 4MB song could be downloaded in around 4 seconds.

The phone has a full HTML web browser, a whopping 5-megapixel camera with auto focus, Bluetooth, WAP, Java, and USB. It features microSD expansion, and measures up at 104 x 50 x 16.4mm.

Sony Ericsson W910i

It's official: the award for the most gimmicky mobile phone feature unveiled this year goes to Sony Ericsson. The latest instalment in its successful Walkman series introduces a "shake control" function. Holding down the W910i's Walkman button while tilting the handset left or right lets you cycle through songs when in music player mode. It's cool for the first five nanoseconds, before you realise it's easier to press one of the navigation buttons on the handset instead.

Thankfully, the built-in motion sensor on the W910i has another, more useful application. As in the iPhone, the handset automatically switches between horizontal and vertical screen orientations depending on how you hold it. Horizontal mode is particularly useful for watching movies and playing the bundled games, both of which you'll want to get stuck into after experiencing the large, crisp 6cm screen.

The W910i, however, is made for music. In Walkman mode, an elegant PlayStation 3-style menu interface lets you browse through media and create playlists, just as you would using a dedicated MP3 player. Further, the built-in FM radio tuner stands by to provide fresh tunes should you tire of your own collection.

The general design of the phone is pleasing, save for two glaring oversights. Keys are well-spaced horizontally but too close together vertically, so it's easy to hit the wrong key when bashing out an SMS. And the headphone port, typically found on the top or bottom of most music players, is inconveniently located on the left side. With the headset plugged in, this makes the mobile phone much wider in your pocket.

The sliding mechanism on the W910i is smooth and controlled but photos taken with the 2-megapixel camera are underwhelming: the lack of a flash and auto-focus feature mean images often turn out dark and blurry.

Samsung SGH F330

Samsung SGH-F330 slider music phone was introduced during IFA 2007 . The music slider phone SHG-F300 is yet another fine art of design from Samsung mobile with a mirror plated finish at the exteriors. The handset weighs 80g and measures 48 x 103 x 12.8 mm in dimensions. The LCD screen size is of 2.1 inches and has 262K color 240×320px resolution display.

Samsung SGH-F330 has external music control keys located on the front and sides for easy and direct access to your music. The F330 features enhanced multi-tasking features which enable the users to do other things or open applications with background music play. As an added feature the handset also has a flight mode feature so that you can use the phone as a music player while you travel by air.

SGH-F330 slider comes is Triband GSM900/1800/1900. The handset has also very good connectivity option which includes 3G, Bluetooth, GPRS, HSDPA. All these features makes music downloader very easier for you over the wireless connection. The handset comes with 20 MB of Internal memory which is expandable upto 2 GB using MicroSD slot.

SGH-F330 rich multimedia features include a 2 Megapixel camera with 4X digital zoom, VGA camera for video calling, a music player, video player and FM. The music player supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, e-AAC+ and WMA format.

Samsung Soul

Today Samsung announced a new addition to the Ultra Edition range called the Samsung Soul. The Soul will be properly shown off at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week and we're definitely looking forward to getting our sticky, cake-stained hands on it.

Packed with HSDPA that can reach speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and a 5-megapixel camera, you might forgive the Soul for being a little chunky, but it only measures 13mm thick and comes in a tough metal casing.

More impressively, Samsung has included a new navigation pad with a display that changes its icons depending on what feature you're using. This looks very cool, and supposedly makes it easier to understand what's going on -- we'll wait for a hands-on before we decide if that's true.

Nokia N96: 16GB genius phone

You heard it! Nokia's new N96 handset has landed, and by heaven it's sexy! The phone wasn't a total shock as the N95 has been hugely successful. It is, of course, replacing the N95 but seriously builds on its predecessor's features, notably by bumping the internal memory to a whopping 16GB. It's also got a microSD slot, should 16GB not be enough for you mobile media lovers.

Like the N95 it's a dual slider, giving you quick access to your multimedia collection. It also retains the 5-megapixel camera, but this time it's got twin LED lights for those darker shots on the dance floor. Other features include a 71mm (2.8-inch) display, full-size 3.5mm headphone socket, mobile TV reception (DVB-H), Wi-Fi and GPS.

Sony Ericsson W980

The next phone to face the music at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the Sony Ericsson W980 Walkman phone. This clamshell model packs an 8GB onboard memory. The manufacturers reckon that's 8,000 songs.

The W980 includes both an FM receiver for listening to the radio, and an iTrip-style FM transmitter for making your own radio. This allows you to beam your tunes to a car stereo or other FM radio. There are eight equaliser presets built-in for different types of music. You also get Shazam-esque TrackID feature, which can "identify any track that you just can't put a name to" and may be useful in the music round down the Dog and Sprocket.

All the music player controls are duplicated on the outside of the phone, so you don't have to open the W980 to shuffle, skip and repeat. Shake control is also featured ,for changing tracks by joggling the phone about. It also comes with in-ear HPM-77 stereo headset for handsfree calls.

samsung omnia i900

Samsung has officially launched the Omnia i900 for the European market starting in Italy on July 22. To celebrate the release of its latest all-around mobile phone, Samsung Europe is treating our Italian friends who pre-ordered that Omnia from July 14 with a free Xbox 360 Arcade gaming system. This promotional gig was made possible through a cooperation with Media world, one of Europe’s electronics store.

As a recap of the features, the Samsung Omnia is a Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional powered handset which will pretty much let users to extend their PC’s functionality into their mobile phone. It comes packed with various Microsoft applications including MS Office, Powerpoint, Excel, Word and Outlook. In addition, the Samsung Omnia also features a 5-megapixel CMOS camera with auto-focus, face and smile detection, auto-panorama shot, a 3.2-inch WQVGA LCD screen, MultiCoded support for DivX, Xvid and other video formats, 8GB or 16GB internal memory, GPS navigation with geotagging features and runs on HSDPA (7.2 Mbps), EDGE / GPRS 850/900/1800/1900 networks.

Samsung G Series - Astounding And Awesome

The mobile phones have greatly revolutionized the wireless telecommunication process. The mobile phone manufacturers are competing fiercely to provide the customers high end gadgets. Samsung is a renowned brand and is popular for introducing stylish and high end smart phones with advanced technologies. The extensive variety of handsets offered from this company ranges from camera and music to business smart phones. These devices come equipped with various extraordinary features to facilitate the needs of every genre of people. These widgets would perfectly provide you an incredible mobile experience.

The Samsung G series gadgets remarkably stand out in the crowd with their attractive colours and amazing features. Samsung has offered various stylish and fashionable gizmos and the latest G series devices are designed to provide optimum pleasure while capturing images and communicating with people. The latest models of this genre come blessed with all the sophisticated features. They boast of high resolution cameras, enhanced music players and fast internet connectivity.

The Samsung G600 is endowed with a 5 mega pixel camera that can offer you amazing imaging experience. The quality of the video clips is also astounding. With the enhanced connectivity options like EDGE, GPRS and Bluetooth, you can enjoy flawless connectivity. You can surf your preferred web pages at ease with the WAP feature. The USB port can rapidly transfer your important files to other compatible devices without any hindrance. The music player and the FM radio incorporated in Samsung G600 would ensure that the users never experience a boring moment. The 55 MB in built memory can be expanded by using an additional MicroSD card. The TV Output, hands free, speaker phone and mobile printing are the other important features incorporated in it.

The Samsung G800 is an enticing and stylish handset. This mobile phone is bestowed with high resolution camera, music player, FM radio etc within its sleek and attractive profile. The 2.4 inch screen has the ability to support 256K colour shades. The 5 mega pixel camera would never let you down with its imaging capabilities. The images can be very easily transported to other compatible devices for further editing. Sharing files to other compatible systems with this gizmo can be done at ease with the aid of Bluetooth feature. The other connectivity options such as GPRS and EDGE would further facilitate connectivity. The Samsung G800 is armed with 160 MB of embedded memory which helps it to store massive data files comfortably. The battery can support long hours of talktime that is around 3 hours and 20 minutes.

The Samsung G810 is a quad band handset and has ample 2.63 TFT QVGA display. The 5 mega camera is enhanced with the auto focus, xenon flash and 3X optical zoom. The innovative GPS navigation feature would help the users to track their destination without any hindrance. As it is equipped with TV out, the users can view their preferred images on their TV screen. The connectivity in this device is ensured by options such as WiFi and Bluetooth.

Thus, the Samsung G series handsets have been engineered to offer optimum pleasure to the mobile phone users. You can check out the specific features of these devices to purchase the perfect model to fit all your requirements.

Samsung u600 - Full Technical Phone Specifications

The Samsung u600 was officially announced in February 2007, so this is one of the latest mobiles around and comes in a variety of colors like Sapphire, Silver and White and much more colours and colour combinations to suite your likings

It is just 10.35cm by 4.93cm and it is 1.09cm thick, compared to other mobiles around it is compact and very thin, and besides it’s small dimensions it is even very light, because it’s just 81 grams.

It has a crystal clear TFT display, showing up to 256K colours in just it’s 3.4cm by 4.4cm display, for a much better picture experience.

The u600 supports 64 channel polyphonic ringtones, way better then other mobiles that usually support 40 channels, enabling you for a better and funkier polyphonic ringtone, and of course it supports MP3’s as ringtones too, as many mobiles do nowadays do. It supports vibration too so you can know that you are receiving calls, even if you can’t listen the mobile ringing.

It stores up to 1000 contact entries on it’s built-in memory and even supports photo call, this will show a customized picture when a particular contact is calling. The mobile stores the last 30 incoming, missed and outgoing phone numbers with details like time, duration and date. Besides it’s 60Mb internal memory, you can always increase the storage memory with a microSD card, for you to use as you like.

Connection nowadays is vital, so of course this mobile can’t miss a Class 10 GPRS connection, with up to 48kbps browsable with the WAP 2.0 browser that supports xHTML, and it even supports Class 10 EDGE, allowing up to 236.8kbps.

You can’t miss it’s v2.0 Bluetooth support if you want to share files amongst your family and friends mobiles. And if you want to transfer files more quickly from your PC to your mobile or vice-versa you can use the USB cable.

It supports SMS with T9 so you can send short quick messages, it supports MMS, enabling you to send multimedia messages with pictures, files, videos and everything you may need, and for the things that you are not able to insert into an MMS you can always use it’s e-mail support.

The u600 comes with already installed games, and besides those you can install your own MIDP 2.0 games, thanks to the JAVA MIDP support.

This mobile has a 3.2 MP camera, way better then most mobiles that have just a 1.3 or a VGA camera. It can take pictures with up to 2048×1536 pixel resolution. It has the autofocus feature, can take maximal video quality and supports flash, for a better and enlightened picture.

Then a media player that plays the most common audio files of course can’t miss. It even supports the FM radio frequency. And as always a good organizer for your daily needs can’t miss in such an advanced gadget.

With this mobile you can open Word Documents, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint files, so you don’t need to print your documents.

This beauty comes with a standard Li-Ion 690 mAh battery, and can support up to 3 hours 30 minutes talk time and up to 250 hours while in stand-by mode.


This has got to be one of the slimmest phones ever. Not because of the cool TV ad but because of the design itself. At the end of the day, however, it’s a luxury mobile with plenty of what I like to call the 'flash-factor’. That means its one helluva mobile phone.

To elaborate, it has a 2-inch external display with 240 x 320 pixel resolution and 256K colors, with a semi-touch screen. What that means is that you can also change tracks with the flap closed simply by tapping the bottom of the external screen. The camera and the music player are both good but what’s most impressive is the build quality. The flap hinges have been tried and tested more times than I care to count and they help up well.

The RAZR V8 is available in five models, from a 512MB version to a 2GB with Motorola’s Snoop Stereo (A2DP Compatible) Bluetooth headset.

BlackBerry 8300 Curve

BlackBerry is in a class by itself, as RIM (Research In Motion) took pains to establish from day one. The Curve endows the BlackBerry business class mobile with a 2 MP camera with flash and Bluetooth with A2DP. Aside from the traditional BlackBerry functionality, this mobile may not stand out so much, but it does have what it takes to satisfy almost all requirements in terms of multimedia and business functions. The large 320 x 240 pixel, 65K color display is a definite bonus, and the QWERTY keypad and TrackBall navigation are great too.

Sony Ericsson W910i

Although we haven’t been able to put this phone through its paces, we did preview it intensively and I must say that our first impressions have been very favorable. The new media interface (with a gyroscopic sensor that automatically switches to landscape mode if the phone is turned) is awesome.

The 2 MP camera in the test piece was quite good. The slider is smooth and though the keypad is a bit of problem it’s nothing you can’t get around. The large 2.5 inch display is clear and great for videos. Even the applications and games available with the W910 are superb.

Nokia New Mobiles 6600 Slide, 6600 Fold, and 3600 Slide

Nokia has revealed a trio of new handsets Nokia 6600 slide, 6600 fold, and 3600 slide with the tag line “Beautiful To Use“. The new mobiles sports sophisticated looks with perfect blend of easy to use features for the next generation of mobile users.

Nokia 6600 fold

The elegant Nokia 6600 fold smoothly opens to reveal a stunningly bright 2.13” OLED screen displaying up to 16 million colors. 3G technology allows for fast and easy sharing of pictures and videos snapped with the integrated 2 megapixel camera with double LED flash or swift access to Internet services such as Yahoo! Go or Flickr. With its seamless design, the signature “smooth back” of the Nokia 6600 fold creates a comfortable contour when open, and remains subtle and compact when closed. The high-gloss surface of the Nokia 6600 fold comes to life when tapped twice to “wake up” the hidden outer display that reveals time, incoming messages, missed calls and more. A double tap on the Nokia 6600 fold also snoozes alerts and silences or rejects incoming phone calls.

Nokia 6600 slide

Being one of Nokia’s smallest sliders to date, the Nokia 6600 slide stays true to its name as it smoothly glides open in the hand. The appearance of the Nokia 6600 slide with its glossy, high-quality steel covers and aluminium center key constitute both understated elegance as well as visual simplicity. Its well-balanced feature set is created to be exciting and intuitive. Tapping the Nokia 6600 slide twice conveniently indicates time, snoozes, alerts and silences or rejects incoming phone calls. Features a 3.2 megapixel camera and a large 2.2″ QVGA display with 16 million colors

Nokia 3600 slide

The Nokia 3600 slide features a 3.2 megapixel camera with autofocus and 2 LED flash and is excellent for taking pictures or videos, even in dim lighting conditions. The TV-out feature, which conveniently connects the Nokia 3600 slide to most television sets, ensures quick and easy sharing of pictures and videos.

Cingular navigation services on Nokia mobiles

Cingular Wireless is about to introduce on the Nokia E62 mobile phones a wireless
navigation system with 3D maps and "fuzzy search", based on TeleNav GPS Navigator.
This system will help drivers to receive turn-by-turn directions while driving
and also view 3D moving maps on the device's high-resolution screen, measuring
320 x 240 pixels. As you turn, move and stop the car, these maps do the same and
simultaneously show a realistic image of the streets you are approaching and streets
you are passing. .
The navigator comes with some other attractive features like searching
"along-the-route" (ATR), or allowing users to look up a business, place of interest,
and also the lowest gas prices along their predetermined routes. You also get a
predictive address entry, which detects and automatically fills in addresses
based on current or commonly-used locations, as well as corrective entry, that
automatically corrects information the user may have misspelled. There is also
a Biz Finder function by which we can locate businesses and services, including
Wi-Fi hotspots, ATMs, restaurants, hotels, gas stations and navigate to them with the click of a button.

Telstra brings i-mate mobiles to Oz

Aussie telco Telstra has announced an exclusive deal with i-mate T to deliver two high-speed i-mate Ultimate mobile devices to the local market.

i-mateT has announced the launch of the i-mate Ultimate 8502 and i-mateT Ultimate 9502 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Telstra is the first operator to deploy these devices globally and both will be exclusive in Australia to Telstra customers.

Holly Kramer, group managing director, Telstra Product Management said: “We’re excited to be the first mobile operator in the world to offer these new i-mateT Ultimate devices.”

The five-year partnership between i-mate and Telstra has seen the launch of 10 i-mateT devices on the Telstra network. According to Kramer, the speed of the devices is well-suited to Telstra’s Next G network.

“These advanced devices from i-mate are rated at down link speeds of up to 7.2Mbps and up link speeds of 1.9Mbps, making them the fastest PDAs available on the Next G network. The devices were chosen for their ability to showcase the power of Telstra’s Next G network,” she said.

Using Windows Mobile software, both the Ultimate 8502 and Ultimate 9502 house a very similar advanced feature set including Direct Video Out that connects the device to a digital projector or TV, Custom i-Q to quickly define your personal settings, and Secure i-Q to remotely lock and wipe the Ultimate device if it’s lost or stolen.

Jim Morrison, chief executive officer and founder, i-mate said: “We don’t believe that one size fits all. We offer a full range of Windows Mobile powered devices. We then customise these devices to suit the unique requirements of individual customers.”

Designed to run at optimal performance on the Telstra Next G network, the Ultimate devices from i-mateT are the first mobile handsets on the Next G network to offer high speed data uploading via HSUPA as well as high speed data downloading via HSDPA.